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San Juan Islands

Picture of San Juan
            Islands, Aerial Photo, San Juan Islands Washington.

Take a look at these aerial photos of several San Juan Islands.
Most Islands are Island State Parks and DNR Parks for Recreation.
These Islands are very popular. Visited by boaters, kayakers and hikers for birdwatching and sightseeing. The majority of islands pictured offer campgrounds, boat in camping areas and scenic picnic locations. Island attractions include fishing, crabbing, scuba diving, hiking trails, birdwatching, and viewing marine life. Listed on San Juan Islands Directory homepage is a link to our Island State Parks, Marine Parks page, there you will find information about these islands, several other San Juan Islands including island location, island map, pictures taken on each island, and links to water taxi's, charter boats, kayak rental and boat rentals.

Welcome to the most popular Washington State Islands, The San Juan Islands.

Washington State Islands located in North Puget Sound. The San Juan Islands

Picture of Sucia Island,
                Aerial Photo, Sucia Island Washington. Picture of Matia Island,
                Aerial Photo, Matia Island Washington. Picture of Clark Island,
                Aerial Photo, Clark Island Washington.
 * Sucia Island, WA       
* Matia Island, WA * Clark Island, Lone Tree Island

Picture of Doe Island, Aerial Photo, Doe Island
                Washington. Picture of Peapod Rocks,
                Aerial Photo, Peapod Rocks Washington. Picture of Cone Islands,
                Aerial Photo, Cone Islands Washington.
 * Doe Island, WA*    
Peapod Rocks off Orcas Island * Cone Islands, WA


Picture of Strawberry
                Island, Aerial Photo, Strawberry Island Washington. Picture of James Island,
                Aerial Photo, James Island Washington. Picture of Stuart Island,
                Aerial Photo, Stuart Island Washington.
** Strawberry Island, WA * James Island, WA * Stuart Island, WA.


Picture of Blind Island,
                Aerial Photo, Blind Island Washington. Picture of Jones Island,
                Aerial Photo, Jones Island Washington. Picture of Turn Island, Aerial
                Photo, Turn Island Washington.
* Blind Island, WA * Jones Island, WA * Turn Island, WA



Picture of Skull Island,
                Aerial Photo, Skull Island Washington. Picture of Posey Island,
                Aerial Photo, Posey Island Washington. Picture of
                Obstruction Island, Aerial Photo, Obstruction Island
* Skull Island, WA 
* Posey Island, WA **** Obstruction Island, WA



Picture of Patos Island,
                Aerial Photo, Patos Island Washington
 * Patos Island, WA  


 **** Spieden Island, WA
 ** Lummi Island, WA Sinclair Island, WA ** Cypress Island, WA
**** Waldron Island, WA **** Decatur Island, WA *** Shaw Island, WA
*** Lopez Island, WA *** Orcas Island, WA *** San Juan Island, WA
Wasp Islands, WA ****Center Island, WA *** Guemes Island, WA


These islands are located in Central Puget Sound and South Puget Sound, including an aerial photo and map. Whidbey Island, Indian Island, Camano Island, Blake Island, etc. (In Progress... Check back.)

* Island State Park
** Island DNR Park and/or has DNR Park
*** Washington State Ferry Serviced Islands
**** Private Island

NOTE: This site has an Island State Parks and Marine Parks page. Find information about each island including island map, pics, additional aerial photos, and photos taken on the island. The link to the page is located on the lower half of San Juan Islands Directory .Com homepage. Bookmark this page. View new aerial photos and live webcam views from around the San Juan Islands WA.

NEW! Water taxi and boat landing on the SE tip of Orcas Island at Lieber Haven Resort's Marina.
Lieber Haven Resort and Marina at Obstruction Pass on Orcas Island offers a 100 ft. guest dock for San Juan Islands boaters to land, FREE! and there is a sandy beach (rare in the islands), for kayaker's to land. Need a car? No Problem! Car Rentals are available at Lieber Haven Resort and Marine read more...

Pictures overlooking the San Juan Islands from Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island
Pictures of San Juan Islands Wildlife and Marine life Pictures

Washington State Ferry Schedules for the San Juan Islands www.sanjuanislandsferryschedule.com
View Pictures of San Juan Islands Ferries, Ferry Route Map, Ferry Terminal Cams and More!

NOTE: When you purchase your WSF ticket you are paying for a round trip ticket. On your way back to Anacortes (eastbound) you can get off and visit any island for as long as you want. As long as you are going Eastbound there is no charge to get on and off the Ferry.

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